Quote 'What's past is prologue' Shakespeare

I never thought about becoming a writer, until I discovered a one hundred year old, WW1 silk postcard in a box of my late grandmother’s possessions along with a faded and creased black and white photograph of a group of POWs from 1916. Suddenly that war and that time period became very real and very personal to me and I wanted to find out more about it.

Picture of a WW1 embroidered silk postcard

POWS 1916

POWS 1916

Since then I have written my first novel and become even more fascinated with Britain’s near past. The twentieth century offers a fascinating period of extremes within massive political, social, economic and cultural change.  A very dramatic landscape to set my stories in.

 If you share my passion for such things, then I think you and I could get along. Let’s have a conversation!